Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Timer

Why Electric Underfloor Heating
Electric Underfloor Heating operates by gently warming the mass of the floor, so that the resultant infrared heating warms the room, and everything in it as shown, giving the heat exactly where it is needed. Because there is no air movement, this system is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Quick and easy to install, low installation heights result in a fast warm up, and make this system ideal when fitting a new bathroom or kitchen.

You're in control...
Our state of the art controller allows you to easily program your Electric Underfloor Heating to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Weekdays and week ends are individually programmed to come on and go off when you need the warmth, and at exactly what level you want it. A manual override caters for those times when extra (or less) heating is required.

Rated power
Model watts per mat Area sq metre
JMEUFH150-01.0 150 1.0
JMEUFH150-01.5 225 1.5
JMEUFH150-02.0 300 2.0
JMEUFH150-02.5 375 2.5
JMEUFH150-03.0 450 3.0
JMEUFH150-03.5 525 3.5
JMEUFH150-04.0 600 4.0
JMEUFH150-04.5 675 4.5
JMEUFH150-05.0 750 5.0
JMEUFH150-06.0 900 6.0
JMEUFH150-07.0 1050 7.0
JMEUFH150-08.0 1200 8.0
JMEUFH150-09.0 1350 9.0
JMEUFH150-10.0 1500 10.0
JMEUFH150-12.0 1800 12.0

What you get....
Each box contains everything you need for a perfect installation -:

  • •  The correctly sized heating mat
  • •  Digital touch screen clock thermostat
  • •  Floor sensor
  • •  Floor sensor mounting pipe
  • •  Multimeter to check installation at every stage
  • •  Comprehensive installation manual
  • •  Control card
Electric Underfloor Heating